Thursday 29 February 2024 / बिहीबार, १७ फाल्गुन २०८०

Students preparing for the upcoming Secondary School Examinations (SEE) have been affected due to a daily power outage for 11 hours. Many students who are in the district headquarters Simkot for tuition classes have suffered.
The students were already suffering as their regular in-person classes were hampered due to the Corona Virus pandemic. As a result, they are now dependent on the winter tuition classes.
The power outage is a result of the low level of water in the source of the Hildum Small Hydropower Project, said Nepal Electricity Authority, Simkot staffer Lal Bahadur Lamsal. The NEA has been cutting off power supply three times a day, taking it to a total of 11 hours.
The SEE examinations are taking place in coming mid-June.
The power outage is also having an impact on the administrative work of government offices, as well as trade and business in Simkot. Those selling electronic products are more affected.

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