Saturday 13 July 2024 / शनिबार, ३० असार २०८१

Anuradha Oli Buddha Air / Sarishma Thakuri Yeti Airlines

The corona virus outbreak has forced people to stay indoor and follow socialdistancing and selfisolation.The lockdown days have been as a testing time for every body! On first few days, it was like OK I will give some of my time to my family, spending all possible ways with them! I continued my daily routine however on the hours on my flight I started learning cooking, playing games, gardening, using tiktok and be around with sibs as much I could! Now gradually I am feeling bored staying inside the house and i am missing my job, hanging with my friends and flying.

But I assume most of the time, wish we could also do something for Nepalese stuck in many countries to be home and spend their time with family like I do! This virus obviously will take long time to end and we all have normal life, says Anuradha, Buddha Air Cabin Crew .

Due to CORONA pandemic and for the safety of the people, lock down is taken as mean to reduce people to people interaction. This pandemic hit most of the industries including transportation. Aviation sector is also badly affected. The government of Nepal has implied lock down from Chaitra 11 2076 and has not yet lifted. As a rule our office also informed us to stay safe at home untill the situation becomes normal.

At the beginning of the lockdown I was so excited as well as worried thinking about how I am going to spend the time.I was so happy that I got enough time to stay at home and do works pended due to my duty. I enjoyed spending much of my time with my family members especially with my mum! We watched movies together, helping in kitchen preparing foods,playing indoors games with my sibling,decorating rooms,reading books and sometimes going outside for a walk keeping safe distance to keep myself fit and healthy as the strong immunity can only fight against corona virus. It was really wonderful for first few weeks but when the lockdown period was extended for more weeks then gradually I started to feel bore and slow! I started to miss my work,flights and passengers.

We already spent two and half months of lockdown period and the condition of pandemic is not improving as I had expected,and it seems the condition is not going to settle within few days says Sarishma from Yeti Airlines!

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