Friday 23 February 2024 / शुक्रबार, ११ फाल्गुन २०८०

Sneha Thapa ( Junior School Princess 2018 Winner)
Today, the world is inexplicably fighting from a pandemic disease called corona virus( Covid-19) who would have thought the whole world should be isloted and we would no longer hang out with your friends in our favorite cafe? This disease spreading rapidly over the country is implicitly dangerous.
I’m one among those students who was prepared to give SEE examination. I cannot even deny the fact that I had tremendously worked hard for my exam. Considering this pandemic situation government decided to cancel SEE exam for this year. It indeed made me disheartened as all my hard work went in vain. But I reminded myself ‘Everything happens for a reason to live upon.’
I’m grateful enough for the fact that this lockdown had made me experience the things which I never thought of doing jubilantly.
People nowadays are so busy in their phone that they forget the essence of an old albums, I realized this as I was remincing all those happy moments. Also, laying and having my favorite chocolate with my sister while she shares with me her times during her +2. As much as I was eager to listen to that I’m much more delighted to start new journey very soon. Our morning breakfast starts with some corona talk and ends with all those protest and minsters affairs talks in our dinner table. I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of much things which I’m aware now, I feel knowledgeable now. The hardest part of this lockdown was making the shape of momo, which i think I would never be able to make one.
This lockdown for me was all about indulging in something rather the just laying in my couch. To some extent, I feel I’m able to distinguish about what I love doing and what not. While we all are sitting at our homes, some heroes are relentlessly working outside for our safety and fighting towards the illness of this diseases putting their own life in danger. Maybe we can learn so much from this that to live a life is all about living and caring for others then just for themselves and then its not even monotonous anymore.

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