Friday 30 July 2021 / शुक्रबार, १५ श्रावण २०७८

Rezina Tuladhar (Chairman)

Kathmandu, Everywhere, anywhere employees seek for a pleasant disposition and who can get along easily with all kinds of people! Every office, corporate houses, banks, consultancies, hospitals, hotels, malls, and in many commercial workplaces enlist someone who can handle and ensures with all kind of responsibilities. Accosting guests, guidance, coordinating teams with many more assigns and someone with the training of cabin crew can easily knob according to the survey.

They have the skills and attributes like; Sense of responsibility / Pleasing Personality / Presence of mind and initiative / Good physique / Patience to work long hours / Systematic approach towards duty / Good appearance / Communication and interactive skills / Language proficiency / Pleasant voice Team spirit / Positive attitude / Sense of humor.

There are many institutes and academies complicating someone who wills to take training as cabin crew with unnecessary demands of criteria just to take trainings! Well, of-course I precisely don’t renounce, yes there are some requirements in an aviation just to become a flight attendant bestowing provided provisions. Numbers of training institutes have airhostess trainees and yet not all are flying or even been recruited in airport ground handling! Their perceptions for cabin crew training is brutally taken as waste of monies and time.

Amidst all these chaos saying you will get job placement with full guarantee Nepal Airhostess Academy located at Kamaladi has brought a change in mind to the trainees wanting to take coaching to boost their career as cabin crew: ” it’s always better to have options in career then giving up as a failure”.

This academy has started taking trainees with no height criteria, no BMI, no entrance exam. The academy assumes everyone has right to take trainings in different aspects, training should not have any kind of offensive rules that could demoralize one’s dream. It is good everyone to be trained for their future goals. Alumna trainees from any institutes should not apart their dreams if not can be flown as cabin crew can reach their dream by cashing the certificates with their best in workplaces. Showing your skills can make you earn name and fame.

“Saying no you are ineligible for airhostess training is worse than saying yes airhostess training is good idea for you”. A counselor should assist the students to get the right decision for their career and why options is important in career…

Career guidance help students understand their strengths and weaknesses and then match them with their skills and interest so that they get the best suitable career choice. Airhostess Training is all about personality enhancement so every crew member should be equipped with properly grooming and servicing qualities.

“Every master certificates do not get job but yes Every skilled certificates proved to get the job”


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