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Former Airhostess of Nepal Airlines Mrs. Gauri Kala (Neetu) Thapa-
Most of the airhostess switch their duties like in ground handling or even change their industry accorded their experiences says Mrs Neetu Thapa. Servicing for 25 Years in Nepal Airlines as IFS and Chief Cabin Crew and having eternal passion for aviation I am training trainees in Kathmandu since more than 8 years in Nepal Airhostess Academy, Kamaladi, Global Wings, National Aviation Academy. Many of the trainees have transformed to beautiful and handsome hostess and that gives epitome of happiness to see them flying high! Aviation job is amazingly to be experienced, we have our complete package of facility. It differs with policies with different Airlines! Sharing my experiences indeed has always motivated my trainees. I assume Cabin Crews are similar as Nurses. Gauri Kala Thapa also says, I am well managed with all my schedules cause of my routines while i had flights. Grooming myself, managing time, priorities, living ethics and many we are trained and experienced with… Airhostess is challenging job but if we make and keep our visions clear as sky it is the most beautiful luxurious job. Having to meet different passengers, exchanging basic language words, serving them with full safety and security is also one of the way to increase knowledge with work, isn’t it? says Mrs. Neetu Thapa.
“Attitude of a hostess is more important than her appearance”…
Well, she is not only training for hostesses make their dream come true, Mrs. Gauri Kala Thapa has also been involved with many social works. She is very emotional while talking about her parents as they have passed away. So on their reminiscence, she frequently visits old care centers supporting them with funds or with goods. “ I have my supporting husband, beautiful daughter and loving brothers, sisters but what about those beautiful people who need our warm hands?” adds Gauri Thapa. She loves gardening and cooking food. Beside all these she enjoys reading books at night, watching motivating videos in youtube.

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