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Photographer : A.P Tolang

Travel is my passion; I love to adventure to mountainous places. This winter vacation, I chose the Poon Hill Trek. The Himalayas fill Nepal, and the Poon Hill Trek is among the most popular trails in Nepal. At 3,210 meters, Poon Hill is the highest point of the trek, which offers excellent views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Mountain Ranges. It was a dream of mine to finally view these mountains at such a close distance.
This trip is an excellent option if you are looking to start trekking around Nepal, and if you are short on time, as it can be easily completed in four or five days. Since this is a popular route, there are lots of hotels and tea houses throughout the route, and you will meet fellow trekkers all along the way. You can complete the trip without a guide, even if you are a foreign tourist.
I hope these photographs help travelers who are looking for a new travel destination; Poon Hill can be a good destination for an interesting adventure.
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Photographer : A.P Tolang

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